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Saturday, July 17, 2010

The phrase "Once in a Blue Moon" has nothing to do with Twilight

oh wow,I totally forgot bout this blog......its been awhile so,I'l just start with some random Life Updates...

-Studying in Sunway College,doing the Sunway Foundation in Arts course(Accounting)..

-Not single anymore..

-Listens to practically Plan B and Example these days...

-Im much better in my People Reading skills now...

-Im pretty honest these days..Dont lie as much as I used to...

-Turns out this blog is making some money...
Sunway's "How I Met Your Mother" Cast :
Ted - Hashim

Robin - Carolynn

Marshall - Dev

Lily - Fiza

Barney - Kieran

According to Hash,I have all the characteristics of Barney but I have to be Marshall...lol...


Yeap,I have literally nothing to talk about(as clearly seen by me posting crap like the above)...mainly because I still have English,Maths,Accounts and Culture & Ideas homework to do....Fan-fuckin-tastic...=P



Culture & Ideas = Pretty cool subject,current topic in class is about the word "Hero" and what it means to us.....I personally prefer the anti-hero...for instance Rorscach(Watchmen) and Deadpool(Marvel).....for me,a hero is defined by his actions and not his personality...I couldnt care less if the guy was in Alcoholic Anonymous the next day,cause today,right now...He did something,others would talk about....That right there....now thats a Hero.....

Currently hooked on : 

Chase & Status feat Plan B - End Credits

Lie To Me(TV show)

Neuro Linguistic Programming(NLP)
What I intend to do by the end of the month :

Watch Inception 



Play Foosball in the Student Centre

Watch the World Cup Final
Discover new artists and awesome songs.