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Monday, November 30, 2009

What You Think I Was Gonna Do?

I Downloaded and installed everythign to play Call Of Duty 6 : Modern Warfare 2 through Spec-Ops....

Download Steam,Razor1911 crack and TeknoGod Loader...if you wanna play with me...other stuff is a waste of time because Teknogods will soon be creating for crack for Multiplayer and it wont work on other loaders...only Steam....

Im Feeling Down...absolutely weak....its funny...cause I keep trying to forget

Sunday, November 29, 2009

I Memorize Lyrics Faster Than My Homework

Bio Exam tomorrow...heh...nothing much to say..besides...Im Sick....at the moment,im pretty blur....
Heres some pics of Modern Warfare 2....i ss-ed it while playing today.......

and back to youtube comments...

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Weeee,my mum made me batter..oh and muffins too...last week was apple pie...wonder whats on next weeks dessert menu...hope its Trifle..heh....

Woke up to the screams of cows..literally,they were slaughtering them outside my house...slept at 4.30am, woke up at 8am...cereal with extra sugar...watched Crows Zero...awesome movie...

Its about this school in Japan,Suzuran High School...there are no studies at all,the teachers have no say at all..if you want to survive,you gotta know how to fight...gangster school...each class has 1 leader...if 1 gang is able to control all the classes then he rules the 'School of Crows'...
There are many gangs but eventually ends up with 2 gangs..

-G.P.S leader,Genji,first year student,son of Ryusegakai mafia boss...his dad said if Genji could rule Suzuran,then he can take over the mafia..

-G.P.S general, Mikase,2nd year student,eventhough Serizawa beats him,his men stay loyal to him..he joins Genji after Genji tries to get him a gf..damn funny scene..

-G.P.S general,Izaki,2nd year,tricks Genji into coming alone to meet him then has all his men beat Genji up..joins Genji after noticing Genji might be the only one who can unite everyone.

-Serizawa leader,Tamao Serizawa,3rd year student,leader of the strongest gang...cant ride a bike and loves playing games..

-Serizawa general,Tokio,3rd year,Serizawa's best friend,Genji's childhood friend,has brain tumour..

-Serizawa general,Toyotomi,3rd year,uses dirty tactics which Serizawa doesnt know about like kidnapping Genji's gf...the ass of the group..

-Rinda-man,alone with no men or gang,not allied to any gang,strongest guy in the story,wears a hoodie..everyone is scared of him..

-Biker gang,Bando,a non-school gang leader but helps Genji when he is used by Toyotomi...

-there are three 1st year students who are observing everything while taking over the 1st year students...one is a tall guy with long braided hair and shades..looks like the bad guy in Matrix 2...2nd guy looks normal,spiky black hair,he is the leader...3rd guy wears a white S.A.R.S mask,with spiky blond hair...

The getting a gf for mikase scene is damn funny...the final fight at the end looks like the gangster version of lord of the rings...fight scenes are cun...there isnt any actual good or bad guys in this movie...

Life sucks and cant get any worst...SPM,Girl,NS,Fever and a some other shit..

Am I Nothing to Anyone At All?..heh,just waiting for college..new life..new start...

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Shit Pi Sai

8 freaking cows!?!..the outside of my house smells like a freaking farm with chicken shit smell..or at a pet store with the hamster shit smell...i pity the cows..they are still conscious when they get slashed with a parang..

PES10 is cun...Movies to watch that i should have watched a long time ago : crow zero 1 & 2 , red cliff...ofcoz got subs lah,as though i understand japanese or chinese...

Oh and i got this shit too, RM0.20 PLKN:920605-fu-ker! KUMP 1. KEM: KEM SENTOSA CHENDERIANG, PERAK. PKP: STADIUM SHAH ALAM (TEMPAT LETAK KERETA W1-W4). LAPOR: 02-JAN-2010

Err..I dont have one..


Sunday, November 22, 2009


Erm...I got exams going on now..so I cant really do anything special so...this should do right..:)



Personal Update : Jeevan,my brother...:P...just bought PES10....AWEEEESSSOOOOOMMMMEEEEE...IT IS SO COOL.....

SPM post

Currently doing Maths while listening to David Guetta's new album..which is actually pretty good...songs like,Missing You,Sexy Bitch,Getting Over ,How Soon Is Now,When Loves Takes Over,Memories and Sound of Letting Go...

Missing You,keeps playing in my head..fav song of the album..

Im also listening to Duncan Sheik's songs..like Barely Breathing(my blog song) and Little Hands...he is a lyrical genius...

My skype is Devberzerker56

Well here's the SPM report so far..
Day 1 : BM1 and BM2..was okay,wrote alot for essay and novel...ramalan-teknik plot my ass,lucky i didnt even study that ramalan...wrote about the effects of global warming..probably about 500 words...SEJ1 was for me i feel I did fine..33/40 is okay right?..

Day 2 : BI1 and BI2 was well...-.-...I mean its English...in essay,i wrote about 'Beauty'...wonder why no one else picked it...heh,i guess it was a good idea to learn abit of Italian and Spanish...I stopped counting after reaching the minimum limit of 350...cause i had 2/3 pages full of words after that....Sej essay,i wrote until my hand felt like it was the feeling between pain and numbness...i think i did better in this paper than in any of my school exams...heh..hopefully..

Day 3 : EST1 and EST2...same confusing crap like every other exam...in the essay...wrote some scientific and historical crap about friction...i hope i can get an A..

Coming soon,DAY 4,5,6,7,8 and...9 'thum thum thuuum'..err, that was suppose to be dramatic music..

Onion News Network is FUNNY...its for intelligent people who enjoy word humour instead of slapstick crap,if you dont laugh,im sorry to say,you have been diagnosed with...the Dumbass syndrome...

Search :
TODAYNOW - boy finds real life E.T

-I am barely breathing,
I cant find the air,
Dont know who im kidding,
Imagining that you care..-

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Emoticon Ball

Okay i lied..THIS is the last post..hehe..

Next week,SPM starts and so does my studying....

Zombieland is pretty draggy...abit funny..
Inglorious Basterds is awesome pawsome..though didnt have time to complete it...but my dled one aint censored..so...cun..
Stan Helsing is not bad..better than that cock movie 'meet the spartans'..
I had another dream but it was abit too much in the future for me to enjoy...lol...

Stuff i need after SPM in correct order:
1.New Handphone(i would like to apologize to everyone who gets wrongly sms-ed by me,my phone lags during name choosing)
3.Driver's License
5.Plasma TV


To the Twilight Freaks,
What do vampires do during the day?
-They gather in a warehouse and emo..

Hahahaha...good night and good bye..


Throwing out the blame when you know it aint my fault,
Messing with my brain when you wanna see me fall,
There may come a time when i dont bother you at all,
It isnt my fault,
It isnt my call..

Monday, November 9, 2009

The Break

I suppose this is the last post till after spm.....good bye blog..

Friday, November 6, 2009

Lonely Island

they rock..lol...i mean its pretty funny...haha and catchy too...

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Agnostic Theist

Yeap,thats what I am...

Weeee..im not saying your belief is stupid,im just saying its wrong..

Thats just my opinion....which will only matter if you want it to be..haha


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Chicken Teriyaki

Well..theres a party at my house tomorrow...erm,watching Stan Helsing now...its a parody movie about horror movies..just like Scary Movie...its pretty funny...better than that cock movie,Meet The Spartans,Disaster Movie or IMDB's number 1 worst movie,Superhero Movie...

Stupid dvd is spoiled at the end..damn...

Hmm,I wonder whats wrong with certain people,they get emotional over small things...until you dont even know what you did to make them angry with you...best part is..they wont tell you what it is and expect you to figure it out...
If you are like this,then please by all means...change yourself,you are pissing everyone off...your family wont tell you,cause they are stuck with you...im doing them a favour..

Or you could just kill yourself..heh..,im fine with that...

Im good at reading people,but i still cant read you...yet,you see right through me...i think..heh..

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Two Weeks Later

Randoim Stuff..