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Sunday, September 27, 2009

The New Jersey (not the state)

Searched for this for so long...well not that long la actually...but still....for some time la..ANYWAY...went to this stupid place called Shah Alam....im talking about deep in Shah Alam....where its...well...how can i not sound racist....erm..screw it..its an undeveloped shithole dominated by malays.....THAT IS THE TRUTH...whether you agree with me or not...nearly every shop is closed by 7 something...PKNS is dead at 7...and the funny thing is....there are not 2 but 3 SHOPPING MALLS in the same DISTRICT....LOCATION,LOCATION,LOCATION....seriously....all 3 got McD and KFC...-.-...which dumbass developer wastes money on 3 malls in the same friggin place...its all just walking distance some more....across the road...haiz....Shah Alam....dont know what to say la....

I got the Jersey from aL-ikHSan(Im not sure how they type it...but got capitals here and there)..

Liverpool Alternate Europe Black w/ Gold Stripes Jersey

It so happens i have black shorts with gold stripes as well...lucky me..:P

The Nike Shirt(supposed to be free gift..:p)

Quite cool...since i can fit both..lol

Peter Chow on the Roll

Didnt know they sold POT legally..(for those who dont know what pot is...its WEED....GANJA...)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Another Boring Day

Thank you boss for the RM5 KFC coupon....im deeply motivated and I shall work more productively due to this powerful business tool....-.-''

And thus,an Ah Kua was born...The End...

I am Asian and Im staying that way....

oh no please dont shoot me with your....fingers?...lol

Im Playing FF12 again....well..continued from the save game i had 6 months ago....erm...anyone got any cheats...it sucks to lvl up.....coz it takes a freaking long time....>.<.....CHEATS pls....i have ARMAX....but the codes aint working...anyone got any that works...I love FF games....but Somehow I've only finished probably 4/5 of the 12 ive played....worst would be 9...where i played till the very last battle...and then i accidently deleted the savegame.....i was clearing up space on the memory card for syphon filter...and i was oddly trigger happy that day....F*** right....

Next week....back to school....jeez....im getting lazier and lazier....sleeping at 5/6/7am every morning and waking up at 11am/12/1pm.....Im nocturnal....

Harveen!!??!?!? ARE YOU OKAY?!!?!?

I have a good idea who did this....XingXing..you are related to him..LOL..

Friday, September 25, 2009


Malaysia semua baby ,
our government is so lousy,
make the college becomes no quality,
Chinese and Indian pun tak boleh masuk university.
It never had a choice for me,
because no money cannot study at oversea,
so I always feel i'm so pity.

Every college are greedy,
sini sana all need money,
their pocket kosong our perut noisy,
I am poor because there sucks my money.

Exam question full of difficulty,
it has a reason only,
which is to earn more money,
because we retake money masuk lagi.
The staffs always no aksi,
they did wrong never say sorry,
before asking please show your money,
otherwise they wont be happy,
we pay their salary still make us angry.
that's why i wanna study hard to earn more and more money

Tiap-Tiap hari feel so lazy,
never try to wake up early,
always hope college sekarang cuti,
everyday go to class feel so sleepy,
lecturer always scold me lazy.
do assignment just like to copy,
before the final just feel worry,
every nite study until crazy,
because scared scold by mummy.

Why my class always no pretty,
those elephant always show me how she's sexy,
the monster wanna treat me nicely,
like that i better mati.

my looking is **** ugly,
saya mari girl girl lari,
everyday date them they only say busy,
semua orang tak ada hati,
make me always so lonely,
only can watch porno movie.

CS always let people bully,
maybe i am really so lousy,
althought knife people is so happy,
but i am always unlucky,
kena headshot easily,
after mati still mati.

This is just a small story,
typed it simply,
feel funny and happy,
actually i am not lonely,
because I have many friends around me.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ehmmm,Whatcha Say

I will post a proper update later....this is just a taste of things to come...lol....

This video is extremely good..and it also uses Shook as the background music...hehe chun...

This is damn funny...check out the goons in the back..

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pigs started flying

Holy shit,I passed moral...and when this happend,I saw a pig fly and a fat lady was singing...

Gerak-gempur quite hard,well I was dozing off half the time..i was playing game till 5.30am...slept at 6am..woke up at 6.30am...WEEE!..TIME FOR GERak-gem..*snore*
I actually dozed off while giving cicak answers..i was THAT sleepy...ofcourse,I did sleep after finishing each paper...nothing to do mah..

Here's a true story titled 'Duncan Hood'
There once lived a man named Duncan,he went
to McDonalds with his childhood friend,Jeyan..
They actually went to McD because Jeyan's younger bro,Dev felt hungry and was craving for meat.So, Jay ordered 20 mcnuggets for Dev and a big mac for himself..Duncan forgot to bring his wallet and decided to rob McD's donation box.Since it was for the poor and at that time he was poor(no cash in hand)..it made perfect sense...While the cashier went to get the nuggets,Duncan grabbed the box,unlocked the metal lock with his fingernail and took out enough cash for a McChicken..the other guy waiting in line was like shit scared..maybe he thought these two were gangsters..haha..
They bought the food and the change of 20 cents was put in the box,..very KIND of him..hahaha..THE END..and i got my nuggets..Weee,..oh,and all this happened at 2 something in the morning..

Whats chic-lit about?I mean,I can make a conclusion about it but I dont know for sure..
So,anyone mind explaining?
*looks at Meerkat*,
*Meerkat points to Xing Xing*
Well,somebody tell me?

Monday, September 7, 2009


Watched Bruno last night..it was disgustingly funny...the main character is played by the bravest and most shameless actor in the world,Sacha Baron Cohen...he is known as the Brit celebrity, Ali G..and then to America as the middle-eastern journalist, Borat Sagdiyev...

This movie/documentary is about Bruno,a Austrian gay tv show host who wants to be famous in the U.S...so this movie is just Bruno,a camera-man and Lutz,his assistant..
Its freaking funny cause everyone else doesnt know whats going on and thinks its real..since there are only the 3 stated above who knows its acting..

Bruno- When I wake up,will I find you masturbating on me?

Lutz- I promise I wont wake you.

HAHAHAHA..they are both gay..

There are scenes which only show moving dicks.. yes,real dicks..

He insulted a real terrorist leader because he thought it could get him kidnapped and become famous..

Bruno-heres some advice,you guys should lose the beard..
your King Osama looks like a homeless santa..

Harrison Ford's only line in the movie,'fuck off'
Paula Abdul ran from Bruno's interview..
American parents would do anything to their baby just to get a quick buck..
Bruno tried to make a sextape with Ron Paul(U.S presidential candidate)

The gayby scene is damn cool..

Its banned in alot of countries but its damn funny,just dont watch with parents..
Young uncorrupted creatures like Meerkat and her group of friends should not watch..
The sloth and panda can watch..they will surely laugh like crazy..

Next post about Duncan Hood..

Saturday, September 5, 2009

My First Ripped Post

Just wanted to mumble a bit about the amount of Ahlians and Ahbengs around now, for those of you not native to these shores..how to explain..

An Ahbeng would be a stereotyped Singaporean/Malaysian male who speaks local slangs (Hokkien or Cantonese mixed with English and Malay) and likes to be noticed by wearing trendy (read ugly) fashion items, ie, tight outfits of luminous colour (Prominent brands like Versace, Moschino etc), coloured/dyed/bleached (Known as Golden Monkey hair) hair and accessories such as handphones, necklaces, all of which are conspicusously displayed. Shirts with dragons on are the thing, and tatoos too, lots of tatoos, usually also dragons. They usually drive normal cars such as a Wira 1.3 with an Evo III full bodykit, alloy spoiler, racing rims, 5" barbeque set exhaust and super loud techno playing stereo with flashing lights. (You can see such cars at The Rice Boy Page). Full Fast & Furious style with neon lights under the car.

They love to listen to Techno music (known as feng tau, literally translated means 'shake head') and dance badly.

Typical Ahbeng car.

Typical Ahbeng look.

[Dev:Nah,ah beng website...

There is also a Hong Kong variation commonly known as 'Gu Wak Jai' something like those guys from the Young And Dangerous movie series.

Most Ahbengs are emulating these guys (Ekin Chen, Jordan Chan etc).[Dev : Young and Dangerous ROCKS]

Many are real gangsters, or wanna-be's mostly involved in some part with some kind of Triad gang like their gu wak jai idols.

The Ahlian would be the female version, something like the asian version of a Bimbo. Baby G watch, in pink, again lots of branded stuff like Ferragamo headbands or belts, Versace, Gucci, LV etc..Mostly fake but the label must still be prominently displayed along with the latest handphone with pink cover. Huge platform shoes are a requirement and blonde/red/blue streaks in the hair, the aim is to look like one of the gorgeous Hong Kong pop chicks..but it rarely works.

Typical AhLian look.

They also both like to swear a huge amount with such gems as 'Diu lei mou chao hai!' 'Ni na ma' 'Diu nia seng' and 'Ka ni na!' The favourite alltimer I think is 'Chao cibai' shouted/screamed like CHOOOOOOOOWWWWW CHEEEEEEEE BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIII

If you enter any cybercafe you will see some bengs too playing counterstrike, howling like monkeys with the speakers on full blast..the Ahlians will be sitting around playing 02Jam and giggling.

Ok what brought this on...some classic gem I saw on one of the 'community sites'..

Check this out:

I LIke TO WatcH The AcTioN MOvIe Such As 2fUsT2fURiOS...HErM..C.S.I iS AlSO tHE mOST i lIKe TO wATCH...gHOST bLOcKbUSTER..aLsOaLSo...hMM...aND AlL pROgRAM AT mtV,[V] AnD hITz.tV..

I mean wtf? Excuse me? This is like fulfilling all of the above stereotypes..and this isn't a one off, if you browse friendster you will find hundreds of profiles filled with crap like this..

She also said...

I lovE MusiX Very WeLL And No bOdy caN stop Me to Love It...eSpeciaLLy EngLish SOng...I AlSo Like tO BikE My SouLMate SkuTEr


What's with the whole alternate capitalisation thing? I really, really, REALLY can't stand that.

People please get your own identity..

If you go to any of the clubs in KL, you will see plenty of Ahbengs and Ahlians, enjoy the experience.

There are also SPG's which I will perhaps explain another day..

If I offended anyone I know..sorry, but you are an Ahbeng and you know it :P Fortunately most the people I know have grown up and are no longer in that stage (even me, I have retired most of my dragon shirts).

[Post ripped from www.shaolintiger.com]

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Malaysian food

Popiah Mamak Style...instead of turnip and prawns,there is onion and chicken..instead of chili paste,use Chicken curry..

This is damn nice,some people have never tasted it..try it..go any mamak shop and say

Autobot sightings

NBE (non-biological entity) ,a term used for transformers...spotted this truck on the road like it was any other truck..but Optimus cant fool me...wonder why he is in Malaysia...a Decepticon uprising?

Downloaded the Emancipator album..damn its good...

Baby dont worry,you are my only,even if the sky is falling down...

I might not express my feelings to you,but know that im human too, that i might make mistakes which would make you feel blue..hopefully,im not the reason for all the sadness you're going through..let this be the last painful thing i do,cause i dont wanna lose you..
(Anymore,then i already have..)