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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pj update

Last week pj,scored 2 goals n 1 assist...currently listening 24/7 to scream album...love dis album...just needs more publicity..i predict mtv awards n grammy awards for dis album...dam man city...
To Kel,i am not a mamak,u r sunburnt,i am not sanburnt,she is not a prostitute n u r not a col.sanders..so stop bringin kitchen knife to tuition...

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Chris Cornell - Scream ( Album Review )

Artist: Chris Cornell
Album Title : Scream
Producer : Timbaland
Label : Mosley Interscope
Release Date : 3rd February 2009
# Title
1. "Part of Me"
2. "Time"
3. "Sweet Revenge"
4. "Get Up"
5. "Ground Zero"
6. "Never Far Away"
7. "Take Me Alive"
8. "Long Gone (Featuring Timbaland)"
9. "Scream (Featuring Timbaland)"
10. "Enemy"
11. "Other Side of Town"
12. "Climbing Up the Walls"
13. "Watch Out"
14. "Two Drink Minimum (Hidden Track)"

I consider Chris Cornell to be one of the best rockers of the century...Timbaland is the best music producer.....

Downloaded it last night...

Listened to it today while playing Call of Duty 4...and it is actually good..compared to the idiotic comments on the torrent website...I actually like the songs and the arrangement of beats...

Tracks that stands out for me ( I could put all the songs actually...) :

Scream,Long Gone,Time,Ground Zero,Never Far Away,Enemy,Climbing up the Walls...

The Album is a mix of Rock Vocals and Beats(synthesized)....has a hint of blues in it as well....

For those of you living in a cave...Timbaland is....wait..You would have heard of timbaland's name even if you live in a cave...ahhahaah.....Chris Cornell is the lead singer of Audioslave...he has recently gone on a solo career....he was also an integral part of the legendary Soundgarden(my bad..always get confused with pearl jam,soundgarden and also a couple of other grunge,rock type of groups..)....his best known solo song is Can't Change Me....then he received greater recognition after the Casino Royale(James Bond) song titled...You Know My Name.....

i found a HATE COMIC on the web...admire the drawing and respect the opinion...but he even hates nickleback...now...which idiot hates nickleback..

Currently working on reviews for Never Back Down ( Movie + Soundtrack ) , Lil Wayne's grammy-winning album, Tha Carter II , Matt Pokora's 3rd album(ENGLISH) produced by Timbaland , MP3...and hopefully....in the future....The Script's self-titled album....Fallout Boy's Folie a Deux....

Friday, February 20, 2009

Tuition is a social gathering of wierdos...you can see alot of unique personalities...that is MR.X(NAME HAS BEEN REMOVED DUE TO MEDIA RIGHTS)....hes a friend of mine from school..(but i think i talk with his younger sis more...lol)..anyway,try and figure out what he is doing...guess then I will tell the answer...:p..he did that in the tuition main hall(lobby) then he went in front of our class door n did that again lol....
Tmro,got Larian Megah/Marathon..I got flu...don't feel like goin but due to death threats,insults,beating up warnings by my friends...im goin...apparently,if i dont go..they r nt gonna call me dev...they gona cal me...xxx xxx yyyy...assholes....FOR THE RECORD,THE THING GOIN ON WITH ME IS COZ IM BORED N FRIENDLY...NUTHIN MORE,NUTHIN LESS...OKAY!!!..SO CERTAIN PEOPLE SHUDNT FEEL PERASAN....WHEN ALL R RUMOURS CREATED BY ARSEHOLE FRENS..NEW YEAR,NEW BRAIN,..and...I AM NOT MAMAK LA!!!..

Thursday, February 19, 2009

1.47am...updating for the sake of it..

Monday, February 16, 2009

Ah long..

Check out who you must contact to apply for this crap...Mr.BAD...hahahaha...does he think he sounds cool?..i doubt this attracts clients/job applicants...

Dev-Hi,i would like to speak to mr.bad...

Bad-yes,bad speaking...

D-huh,im speaking fine..

B-no,im bad..

D-chill aite,you are speaking fine too..

B-no,im the person,im bad..

D-dont worry fren,u r not a bad person..

B-im not a bad person,you were looking for bad,im bad..

D-make up your mind,are you bad or not?im lookin for good people only..

B-im bad but im not bad...wait hold on..ahh...like this...im bad,but im not evil..

D-so...you are bad but not very bad?

B-yes...NO!!..Saya bad!!..bukan jahat!!


B-yes,now..you were asking something?

D-FINALLY,ANYWAY...i wanna speak to mr.bad...and who is Mr.Jahat?

B-Wat the fu..'call ended'..

BTW,anyone who does not have my MSN address yet...feel free to add me....


Sunday, February 15, 2009


Just ate my bro's bday cake...later,going out for dinner....on the other hand,im damn bored now...watching a repeat of this weeks idol...alot of gay dudes in US...
January report:
1.School starts..
2.Promoted in my Garena Clan(Patriots Blood)
3.Brother's bday 10th jan



Jay's Car

Jay's Birthday party...


Happy Birthday Jeyan....WHERE'S MY PS3??!!?!?!..:P

The Pics are from last year's Birthday party...

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Happy Valentines Day to all the chicks i know...:P....

I just noticed i miss-spelled racquet......ahh..who cares..

Monday, February 9, 2009

The Bug Fryer..

I present to you the ELECTRIC RACKET OF DOOM...:p..

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hello Old Friend....

Well....some of you mite have heard it already....im back on DotA after dropping it for 1 and a half years....Much has change since I last left....I've played a couple of games already....my 1st game was a 2v2....Penguin(Peng Hooi) and Chicken(Me) vs Toad(Kel) and Dog(Baarath)...


good game....PH and me ended up winning that.....I was still confused with the new items...and spell changes...today,I played with my 2 clanmates, Mr.X(Faizzi) and Bboy(Angel)....we played a 4v3 against this 4 freinds...at 1st I was like...you guys joking ah...they gonna own us....why didnt wait for another person....Faizzi replied..just play only la....okay okay...

Dev-Razor,Bboy-Faceless Void,Mr.X-Magina

We ended up thrashing the other team....I had 8 kills and 2 deaths...Bboy had 11 kills and 2 deaths....Mr.X had 1 kill and 1 death...after the game ended....the other team guys were pissed as hell and kept asking for a rematch..lol...they kept callin Bboy noob....he just ignored and went COD4 with Mr.X...lol...I was tired so i just stayed in that room.....and was on MSN....the other team dude...Joliyn or sumthin....was still talking crap about bboy.calling him noob...then askin 1v1....and stuff like that...lol....even though bboy left the room already..lol...Sore Losers....hahaha....

Lee Jin called me to play with his friends....5v5.....I got Bone Clinks(randomed in ap game)....I got killed 3 times.....but manage to kill 5 times....My team won...wooo....

well,so far three good starts.....Im still rather rusty but nonetheless capable of playing.....

Liverpool won 3-2 thanks to the saviour,Fernando Torres.....
Portsmouth scored 1st through an offside goal by David Nugent(the National Flop)...Liverpool equalised through Fabio Aurelio with a free kick in the Penalty Box...goalkeeper used his hands to knock away a backpass......later,Portsmouth scored a header...Liverpool could have equalised earlier when Dirk Kuyt scored....Linesman said it was offside...even though it wasn't.....Fernando "El-Nino" Torres is subbed in...instant impact...he recieves the ball after a defensive mistake my Distin...all the Portsmouth defenders are pulled towards him like a magnet....El-Nino just backpasses to Dirk Kuyt,the Dutchman fakes a 1st shot pushes it to a tight angle....and blasts it near post...David James could barely react to the shot eventhough it was a couple of inches away from him...Liverpool 2 - 2 Portsmouth..WOOOOOOO....and then Torres makes a fantastic stationary header in the 92nd Min....to WIN THE GAME...wooo yea....Chelsea drew 0-0 to hull btw.....ahhahahha...

Friday, February 6, 2009

Fernando Torres aka El-Nino

Personal information

Full name : Fernando José Torres Sanz
Date of birth : 20 March 1984 (1984-03-20) (age 25)
Place of birth : Madrid, Spain
Height : 6 ft 1 in (1.85 m)
Playing position: Striker

Club information

Current club : Liverpool
Number : 9

Torres, born in Madrid, became interested in football as a child and joined his first team, Parque 84, at the age of five.
His grandfather was not passionate about football, but prided himself in being an Atlético Madrid supporter, and Torres inherited his love for the Madrid club.

Originally Torres wanted to be a goalkeeper, the position his brother played in. However, when he was seven years old, he started playing regularly as a striker in an indoor league for his neighbourhood club, Mario’s Holland.

He impressed the scouts and, aged just eleven, joined the club in 1995.

Aged just nineteen, he was also named Atlético's club captain.

The transfer fee is the highest paid in Liverpool's history, and in March 2008, manager Rafael Benítez confirmed to The Times that Torres was acquired for around £20 million + Luis Garcia(Worth £10-15 million).

He was named in the PFA Team of the Year.

In May, he finished second to Ronaldo for the FWA Footballer of the Year award.

He set a new record for the most prolific foreign goal scorer ever in a debut season in England.(24 Goals)

Torres was subject to media speculation that Chelsea were willing pay £50 million to sign him but Torres responded by saying it would be "many years" before he left Liverpool.

He was named on the shortlist for the FIFA World Player of the Year award in December,and eventually came in third place behind Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

He was named in the FIFPro World XI team for the 2007–08 season on 27 October.

In February 2001, Torres won the Algarve Tournament with the Spain under-16 team. The under-16s took part in the 2001 UEFA European Under-16 Football Championship in May, which they also won, with Torres scoring the only goal in the final, as well as finishing as the tournament's leading goalscorer and was also named the player of the tournament.

In July 2002, he won the 2002 UEFA European Under-19 Football Championship, finishing as top scorer and being named player of the tournament and was again the only goalscorer in the final.

El-Nino was called up to Spain's UEFA Euro 2008 squad,where he set up Villa to score Spain's first goal of the tournament in the opening game against Russia.
He scored the opening goal, his first goal of the tournament, in Spain's next game, a 2–1 win over Sweden.
Torres scored the winner and claimed the Man of the match award in the final against Germany in a 1–0 victory.
He was later named as a striker along with his striking partner David Villa in the Team of the Tournament.

He scored two late goals for Liverpool to secure a 2–0 victory over Chelsea on 1 February.HAHAHAHAHHAHHAHA...

Thursday, February 5, 2009


This year,I was damn happy coz I got pn.selva for addmaths,en.ahmad for physics n pj,en.mat rani for bm..pn.rohana for bi...den i saw d downside,pn.azah for maths,pn.chitra for sejarah...1 is pms-ing all day long.,..the other is either menopaused or just plain bitchy...(its not a foul word btw)...1st,she ask to redo my sej notes coz not accordin to her stupid ass rules...evry teacher since f1 has been fine wit how i do my work,I GET THE JOB DONE...But no...dis psycho wans me to redo d whole chapter 1 notes...2nd thing is,2day i went to d toilet(wit d earlier sub teacher's permission),came bak within 6 min(its two floorsdown n alot of customers..:p)...n the whackjob locks d door...she wudnt let 8 of us in...we came bak just 6 min late...lol...my 1st time ponteng-ing class..dat oso can b considered ponteng...THE TEACHER LOCKED US OUT...SO I CANT B STANDIN IN THE HOT SUN...(sure,sumone gonna say sumthin bout my last two words..-.-..idiots)..we headed to en.mat rani,d prev sub teacher...he started laughin n told us ..tak payah masuk...lol..we met d chess club teacher on d way...she wrote my name on wakil sekolah..lol...she oso laughed when she heard our story...sir kuna saw us,he smiled n walked off..i had to blow 50 minutes...without gettin caught...job done.:p..haha...sittin by the stairs n talkin...kave n amy saw us...1st words were kesian lol...den kave told me dat if had stood ther for awhile more,the crazy wud let us in.,.OH,THE CRAZY CUDNT MENTION THIS 50 MIN AGO AH?!?!..told her we had permission 2 go toilet...she ask for permission slip..EH,GILA...WHEN I ASK U TO GO TOILET,U GOT GIVE SLIP MEH?!..U THINK ALL D TEACHERS GIV RECEIPT WHEN U ASK TO GO TOILET...haiz...well,it is a gud experience...to ponteng(i was forced by the authority)...but i got no intention to ponteng anymore...advice: DURING THE CRAZY'S CLASS(not jean..:p ) SCREW NATURES CALL TO TOILET,EVEN IF IT CAN HURT UR KIDNEYS..
Boyce avenue covers quite good,..put in phone edi...anyone got we the kings-feel good inc mp3,can send to me?,thx...

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Im Back..

Nuff said...

On the way back..

Ipoh-Selangor Vehicles(Heavy Rain),so far...
1.Petrol Tanker in the above pic..
2.Proton Saga with smashed front..
3.Overturned Toyota Corolla..
4.Proton Wira car troubles..
5.Honda Civic car troubles..

Will add when im bak home..:p

ADDED : Some asshole Avanza tried to turn in to my dad....think the guy was sleeping...

The Wedding Reception 2-The Two Ushers

Well,its finally over...I was given the job as an usher...the dinner went fine....everyone was happy...ba da bing,ba da boom,everyone got to their seats..gotla some problems.,but was eventualy settled...my services was F.O.C...coz its my cousins wedding...but felt like F.O.C-ing(pronounce it for meaning,if still cannot..add a 'k' in front of ing...:p) sum of those irratating table jumpers...oh well...

Listening to:
We The Kings-Feel Good Inc
Earthone(Brad Doggett)-Lollipop
Earthone-Green Light
Earthone or Brad Doggett are really talented...I think they can make it big in the U.S if they market themselves properly..lollipop is better than the original....
We The Kings are a passing fad...JACK ASS JULIET is a one hit wonder...theres nothing unique bout em....they are off peoples minds in 3/4 weeks time...:p..
The Script is fantastic....
Matt Pokora has certain nice songs...nothing great..
Fallout Boy,the new album has a couple of chun songs..but its only for screamer lovers...
ALL TIME LOW-umbrella is quite a good cover...
Aite,music reviews will cont sum other time...