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Sunday, March 22, 2009

UNITEN open day

Dad,cousin and me drove to the Bangi campus...Jeevan(my 2nd bro) finished his studies here last year..wait,2 years ago?..nevermind,i think its last year..
ANYWAY,my cousin just got his SPM results and came down from Ipoh to apply for a spot in UNITEN...
the pic is the front of the main building...they have tour buses to take you around campus..i didnt get on those because ive already been here so many times...
the campus is huge...shitload of land...its like the developers screwed up the scale size on the blueprints...but at least now,they can build more facilities...
Entered the main building and was greeted by hot ch...haha...was greeted by a silat performance and then a traditional indian dance...
Saw my cousin's cousin who is in his final year there...rubbed in 4-1..hes a woMan utd fan..hehe...my other cousin wasnt there,cause he was doing a group project for his final year exams...
Went up and down,did the application process..blablabla...talked with 2 of the lecturers there..blablabla....saw a couple of familiar faces...blablabla...brochures everwhere...
My dads car is infront of the Puchong shop,the locking system jammed...my 2nd bro is in genting right now celebrating his girlfriend's birthday(HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOROTHY)..so,he's car can be used by my dad...
Over the past week,a lot of wierd stuff has happend to me.number :
1.witnessed a vehicle robbery right infront of my car .(not car jacking,stole money being transported)
2.a diseased cat died on my front porch.(crusted years..f**k)
3.i lost +6kg in less than a week.(i love bread,cheese and meat)
4.nearly lost my fingers while adjusting the wires of the ps2 , lucky the controller hit the ceiling fan..i had a near hand losing experience..:p
5.found out im stronger than i look..
6.went to the book sale in summit and was laughing my ass off to 'the little book of wanking'..need the meaning?DONT GOOGLE IT,ASK ANYONE PRIVATELY..HAHA
7.Finally learned how to kick a swinger ball..
8.accepted that im an aquaholic..
9.became active in facebook..its wierd for me,cause my boredome just leveled up..
10.i just noticed that my attention span is pretty short...

Latest footie update:
Fulham beat Man Utd 2-0,Man Utd midfielder and striker,Paul Scholes and Wayne Rooney..both were Sent off/red carded...3 players currently suspended for MU...Vidic,Rooney and Scholes...HAHAHA..

Chelsea lost 1-0 to Tottenham Hotspurs,thanks to a goal by Luka Modric..Hehehe

ARSEnel won 3-1 against Newcastle...Arse goals by Bendtner,Diaby,Nasri... Newcastle goal by Martins...Whatever la..

'Razorlight - wire to wire'
Is quite nice actually..
'Flo Rida - Right Round' is addictive...still in my head..lol..:p

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