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Sunday, May 31, 2009

3oh3! - Want

Downloaded their album a couple of days ago..but only started to listen to it today....LOVE THE ALBUM....fast paced music....

1. "Tapp" - 1:02
2. "Punk B*tCH" - 3:51
3. "Don't Trust Me" - 3:13
4. "Chokechain" - 3:32
5. "I'm Not Your Boyfriend Baby" - 3:45
6. "I Can't Do It Alone" - 3:01
7. "Starstrukk" - 3:05
8. "Richman" - 3:20
9. "Photofinnish" - 3:56
10. "Still Around" - 3:08
11. "Holler Till You Pass Out" - 4:11
12. "Colorado Sunrise" - 3:23

The songs in my head right now is :
-Colorado Sunrise
-I Cant Do It Alone
-Don't Trust Me

Its pronounced " Three Oh Three "
The members of the band are Sean Foreman and Nathaniel Motte...
I think its genre comes under Electronica...


Kanye West - 808's and heartbreak is not bad....not as good as i expected...(theres too much rap)...yes..I know...IT IS A RAP ALBUM....

Hollywood Undead - Swan Songs was actually better than I expected....this album would actually be blasting on my speakers(right now its 3oh!3) if it wasn't for the various Curse words in the lyrics..


FA cup final - Chelsea 2 - 1 Everton...


I've got five fingers on each hand for every mistake that i've made,
cuz my tongue is tied to tonsles and i need to shit and shave,
im a shade to pale for handsome and have habits i can't shake,
and if you try to take that from me well i'll never be the same,

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