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Saturday, November 22, 2008

My Call of Duty alter-ego

Code name : [P'sB] Dev
Primary Class : Sniper
Weapons : Dragunov ( AcoG Scope )
Inventory: Smoke Grenade
Perk 1 : Bandolier ( Increased Ammo )
Perk 2 : UAV Jammer ( Undetected by Radar )
Perk 3 : Deeper Penetration ( Duh... )

Secondary Class : Commando
Weapons : Dragunov ( AcoG Scope ) , Mini-Uzi ( Silenced )
Inventory : Smoke Grenade
Perk 1 : Claymore
Perk 2 : Overkill ( Carry two Primary weapons )
Perk 3 : Steady Aim ( Increased hip-fire Accuracy )

Update :

I was invited to the [P'sB] clan as the clan sniper...since they don't have a good one according to clan leader Blitz....so far i've met only a couple of clan members such as...

Blitz (Assault)
Drizzle (Shotgun)
Hazmatyre (SMG)
Rtkr (LMG)
Riv3 (Sniper)
Dante (SMG)

This is what you do when you feel bored..

Don't ask me what he's doing....

This is what happens when the whole clan(Marines + Opposition forces) decide to meet in one room..and some idiot decides to throw a grenade in it....yeap...im that idiot...hehehe

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