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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My Playlist ( 12/11/08 )

This is just something i thought i would post....since...i believe my music taste is fantastic...and also the fact that.....I AM BLOODY BORED...

Saving Abel - Addicted
Saving Abel - After All
Nidji - Shadows
Nidji - Heaven
Jack White feat Alicia Keys - Another Way to Die
Kanye West - Stronger
American Hi-Fi - The Art of Losing
The Game feat Lil Wayne - My Life
Gritz feat Toby Mac - Ooh Aah
Rihanna - Disturbia (i know....just don't laugh...)
Linkin Park...all their songs...
Styles of Beyond - Nine Thou
Styles of Beyond - Outta Control
Gnarls Barkley - Going On
Timbaland feat Flo Rida - Elevator
Timbaland...songs....BIG fan of Timbaland...
Mark Ronson feat Daniel Merriwheather - Stop Me
Gorillaz...all their songs...
David Guetta - Love is Gone
David Guetta - No Tommorow

a shit load more in my phone...

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