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Monday, January 19, 2009

Busy Studying..

Who says I don't study...SEE..Im doing addmaths...this proves that I do do homework..do do..lol..ANYWAY,this could also prove I am not concentrating...lets carry-empat to the next topic..please men-dictionary-kan the word if you don't understand the meaning - ke-meaning-an...:p...
My study table from left to right.
1.Adidas Challenge(perfume)
2.Adidas Challenge(deo-spray)
3.Pikin Plum Tablet Candy
4.Dentyne Chewing Gum
5.Alcon Naturale Tears 2(eyedrops)
6.Cotton Buds
7.Gatsby Wax,megahold type(hmm,smells like orange..Not mine,my brothers one)
8.AIG pen holder/alarm clock
9.-I'm fReakIng BorED- keychain(Mini-i Street Tag)
10.Crystal(Feng Shui)
11.Mini Glass Globe(Feng Shui)
12.Tuition Notes,on top of it is a Linkin Park CD and my blue Liverpool pencil case(I know..I was like Wtf too,.blue,the irony..)
Thats it for MTV's Tables of Bored Teenagers..tune in next week when we see chinese teenager's table,Oooh...Aahh...btw,I found out Indians are an endangered species in Sabah and Sarawak...I suppose somebody has been slacking off breeding department...
ANOTHER PERSON HAS SAID NO DIFFERENCE..SWT..(Im talking about my shaving post..)..but at least this person said I should be clean-shaven..well,I miss my HAIR..

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