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Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Cast of Origins : Wolverine

The casting was perfect....every character was potrayed exactly like in the comics/cartoons...

-Wade aka Deadpool ( Ryan Reynolds )
=he suits the role exactly....just like in the comics...Deadpool is a mercenary with a mouth that cant be shut...he is damn funny but he also happens to be one of the strongest in the Marvel Universe....he is neutral(mercenary..duh...go where the cash is)..

Ability :
>Regenerative healing factor
>Superhuman strength,stamina, agility,reflexes
>Expert marksman,swordsman,martial artist
>"Comic awareness"(he knows he's in a comic..ROFL)
>Telepathic immunity
>"Cursed with life" (Immortality) by Thanos

-Victor Creed aka Sabertooth ( Liev Schreiber )
=Whats more to say....he didnt act like he was violent....he is violent....

Ability :
>Regenerative healing factor
>Superhuman senses,strength,stamina,agility,reflexes
>Resistance to telepathic assault and control
>Retractable claws

-Barnell Bohusk aka Beak ( Dominic Monaghan )
=the hobbit from LOST is doing well....good roles,international recognition with LOTR,plotline character in LOST and hes got a hot girlfriend ( Evangeline Lily from LOST )

Ability :
>Ability to control Mechanical/Electronical objects

-David North aka Agent Zero/Maverick ( Daniel Henney )
=this guy is unusually good at playing cocky...or maybe he is just plain cocky...(im currently being called that in 4 different languages )...In the comics,he is actually known as Maverick...

Ability :
>Expert marksman
>Ability to absorb kinetic energy
>Force blasts
>Accelerated healing factor
>No discernible scent
>Anti-healing factor corrosive

-John Wraith aka Kestrel ( Will.I.Am )
=Black Eyed Peas member,Will.I.Am making his acting debut..i think...he was okay....i mean not many lines...so cant really say much,...

Ability :
>Slowed aging

-Fred Dukes aka The Blob ( Kevin Durand )
=he plays dumb well...lol....in the start he is huge and muscular....years later,he is full fat..tahts when he gets called Blob and gets angry..(Wolverine actually called him Bub...)

Ability :
>Superhuman strength,endurance,durability and resilience
>Personal gravity field

I present...

this is....Maverick...


Vampier JaY said...

Nice ...

Dev said...

the Peter parker uncle and aunty page is dam funny..lol

Anonymous said...

ROFL..the uncle and auntie dam disgusting,but farnie!!!HAHAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA

this is Aerilyaa by the way...(from GG)