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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Project E.A.R - Marabahaya

Music Video ( Youtube )

Addicted to this song at the moment...

its originally by Pop Shuvit ,it was made for the Malaysia's version of Fast and Furious....i cant even remember the name...didnt watch it....and no intention of watching it....ANYWAY,its a rap/rock song....love the background music(violin...i think...not sure...)

Well , this is a remixed version done by a band project which debuted at the MTV Asia Awards 2008 with this song...Project E.A.R which stands for East Asian Revolution....the bands involved are...

Pop Shuvit ( Malaysia )

SilkSounds ( Thailand )

Saint Loco ( Indonesia )

Ahli Fiqir ( Singapore )

Thaitanium ( Thailand )

Slapshock ( Phillipines )

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