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Saturday, September 5, 2009

My First Ripped Post

Just wanted to mumble a bit about the amount of Ahlians and Ahbengs around now, for those of you not native to these shores..how to explain..

An Ahbeng would be a stereotyped Singaporean/Malaysian male who speaks local slangs (Hokkien or Cantonese mixed with English and Malay) and likes to be noticed by wearing trendy (read ugly) fashion items, ie, tight outfits of luminous colour (Prominent brands like Versace, Moschino etc), coloured/dyed/bleached (Known as Golden Monkey hair) hair and accessories such as handphones, necklaces, all of which are conspicusously displayed. Shirts with dragons on are the thing, and tatoos too, lots of tatoos, usually also dragons. They usually drive normal cars such as a Wira 1.3 with an Evo III full bodykit, alloy spoiler, racing rims, 5" barbeque set exhaust and super loud techno playing stereo with flashing lights. (You can see such cars at The Rice Boy Page). Full Fast & Furious style with neon lights under the car.

They love to listen to Techno music (known as feng tau, literally translated means 'shake head') and dance badly.

Typical Ahbeng car.

Typical Ahbeng look.

[Dev:Nah,ah beng website...

There is also a Hong Kong variation commonly known as 'Gu Wak Jai' something like those guys from the Young And Dangerous movie series.

Most Ahbengs are emulating these guys (Ekin Chen, Jordan Chan etc).[Dev : Young and Dangerous ROCKS]

Many are real gangsters, or wanna-be's mostly involved in some part with some kind of Triad gang like their gu wak jai idols.

The Ahlian would be the female version, something like the asian version of a Bimbo. Baby G watch, in pink, again lots of branded stuff like Ferragamo headbands or belts, Versace, Gucci, LV etc..Mostly fake but the label must still be prominently displayed along with the latest handphone with pink cover. Huge platform shoes are a requirement and blonde/red/blue streaks in the hair, the aim is to look like one of the gorgeous Hong Kong pop chicks..but it rarely works.

Typical AhLian look.

They also both like to swear a huge amount with such gems as 'Diu lei mou chao hai!' 'Ni na ma' 'Diu nia seng' and 'Ka ni na!' The favourite alltimer I think is 'Chao cibai' shouted/screamed like CHOOOOOOOOWWWWW CHEEEEEEEE BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIII

If you enter any cybercafe you will see some bengs too playing counterstrike, howling like monkeys with the speakers on full blast..the Ahlians will be sitting around playing 02Jam and giggling.

Ok what brought this on...some classic gem I saw on one of the 'community sites'..

Check this out:

I LIke TO WatcH The AcTioN MOvIe Such As 2fUsT2fURiOS...HErM..C.S.I iS AlSO tHE mOST i lIKe TO wATCH...gHOST bLOcKbUSTER..aLsOaLSo...hMM...aND AlL pROgRAM AT mtV,[V] AnD hITz.tV..

I mean wtf? Excuse me? This is like fulfilling all of the above stereotypes..and this isn't a one off, if you browse friendster you will find hundreds of profiles filled with crap like this..

She also said...

I lovE MusiX Very WeLL And No bOdy caN stop Me to Love It...eSpeciaLLy EngLish SOng...I AlSo Like tO BikE My SouLMate SkuTEr


What's with the whole alternate capitalisation thing? I really, really, REALLY can't stand that.

People please get your own identity..

If you go to any of the clubs in KL, you will see plenty of Ahbengs and Ahlians, enjoy the experience.

There are also SPG's which I will perhaps explain another day..

If I offended anyone I know..sorry, but you are an Ahbeng and you know it :P Fortunately most the people I know have grown up and are no longer in that stage (even me, I have retired most of my dragon shirts).

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