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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pigs started flying

Holy shit,I passed moral...and when this happend,I saw a pig fly and a fat lady was singing...

Gerak-gempur quite hard,well I was dozing off half the time..i was playing game till 5.30am...slept at 6am..woke up at 6.30am...WEEE!..TIME FOR GERak-gem..*snore*
I actually dozed off while giving cicak answers..i was THAT sleepy...ofcourse,I did sleep after finishing each paper...nothing to do mah..

Here's a true story titled 'Duncan Hood'
There once lived a man named Duncan,he went
to McDonalds with his childhood friend,Jeyan..
They actually went to McD because Jeyan's younger bro,Dev felt hungry and was craving for meat.So, Jay ordered 20 mcnuggets for Dev and a big mac for himself..Duncan forgot to bring his wallet and decided to rob McD's donation box.Since it was for the poor and at that time he was poor(no cash in hand)..it made perfect sense...While the cashier went to get the nuggets,Duncan grabbed the box,unlocked the metal lock with his fingernail and took out enough cash for a McChicken..the other guy waiting in line was like shit scared..maybe he thought these two were gangsters..haha..
They bought the food and the change of 20 cents was put in the box,..very KIND of him..hahaha..THE END..and i got my nuggets..Weee,..oh,and all this happened at 2 something in the morning..

Whats chic-lit about?I mean,I can make a conclusion about it but I dont know for sure..
So,anyone mind explaining?
*looks at Meerkat*,
*Meerkat points to Xing Xing*
Well,somebody tell me?

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