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Monday, September 7, 2009


Watched Bruno last night..it was disgustingly funny...the main character is played by the bravest and most shameless actor in the world,Sacha Baron Cohen...he is known as the Brit celebrity, Ali G..and then to America as the middle-eastern journalist, Borat Sagdiyev...

This movie/documentary is about Bruno,a Austrian gay tv show host who wants to be famous in the U.S...so this movie is just Bruno,a camera-man and Lutz,his assistant..
Its freaking funny cause everyone else doesnt know whats going on and thinks its real..since there are only the 3 stated above who knows its acting..

Bruno- When I wake up,will I find you masturbating on me?

Lutz- I promise I wont wake you.

HAHAHAHA..they are both gay..

There are scenes which only show moving dicks.. yes,real dicks..

He insulted a real terrorist leader because he thought it could get him kidnapped and become famous..

Bruno-heres some advice,you guys should lose the beard..
your King Osama looks like a homeless santa..

Harrison Ford's only line in the movie,'fuck off'
Paula Abdul ran from Bruno's interview..
American parents would do anything to their baby just to get a quick buck..
Bruno tried to make a sextape with Ron Paul(U.S presidential candidate)

The gayby scene is damn cool..

Its banned in alot of countries but its damn funny,just dont watch with parents..
Young uncorrupted creatures like Meerkat and her group of friends should not watch..
The sloth and panda can watch..they will surely laugh like crazy..

Next post about Duncan Hood..

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