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Sunday, November 22, 2009

SPM post

Currently doing Maths while listening to David Guetta's new album..which is actually pretty good...songs like,Missing You,Sexy Bitch,Getting Over ,How Soon Is Now,When Loves Takes Over,Memories and Sound of Letting Go...

Missing You,keeps playing in my head..fav song of the album..

Im also listening to Duncan Sheik's songs..like Barely Breathing(my blog song) and Little Hands...he is a lyrical genius...

My skype is Devberzerker56

Well here's the SPM report so far..
Day 1 : BM1 and BM2..was okay,wrote alot for essay and novel...ramalan-teknik plot my ass,lucky i didnt even study that ramalan...wrote about the effects of global warming..probably about 500 words...SEJ1 was for me i feel I did fine..33/40 is okay right?..

Day 2 : BI1 and BI2 was well...-.-...I mean its English...in essay,i wrote about 'Beauty'...wonder why no one else picked it...heh,i guess it was a good idea to learn abit of Italian and Spanish...I stopped counting after reaching the minimum limit of 350...cause i had 2/3 pages full of words after that....Sej essay,i wrote until my hand felt like it was the feeling between pain and numbness...i think i did better in this paper than in any of my school exams...heh..hopefully..

Day 3 : EST1 and EST2...same confusing crap like every other exam...in the essay...wrote some scientific and historical crap about friction...i hope i can get an A..

Coming soon,DAY 4,5,6,7,8 and...9 'thum thum thuuum'..err, that was suppose to be dramatic music..

Onion News Network is FUNNY...its for intelligent people who enjoy word humour instead of slapstick crap,if you dont laugh,im sorry to say,you have been diagnosed with...the Dumbass syndrome...

Search :
TODAYNOW - boy finds real life E.T

-I am barely breathing,
I cant find the air,
Dont know who im kidding,
Imagining that you care..-

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