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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Emoticon Ball

Okay i lied..THIS is the last post..hehe..

Next week,SPM starts and so does my studying....

Zombieland is pretty draggy...abit funny..
Inglorious Basterds is awesome pawsome..though didnt have time to complete it...but my dled one aint censored..so...cun..
Stan Helsing is not bad..better than that cock movie 'meet the spartans'..
I had another dream but it was abit too much in the future for me to enjoy...lol...

Stuff i need after SPM in correct order:
1.New Handphone(i would like to apologize to everyone who gets wrongly sms-ed by me,my phone lags during name choosing)
3.Driver's License
5.Plasma TV


To the Twilight Freaks,
What do vampires do during the day?
-They gather in a warehouse and emo..

Hahahaha...good night and good bye..


Throwing out the blame when you know it aint my fault,
Messing with my brain when you wanna see me fall,
There may come a time when i dont bother you at all,
It isnt my fault,
It isnt my call..

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