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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Shit Pi Sai

8 freaking cows!?!..the outside of my house smells like a freaking farm with chicken shit smell..or at a pet store with the hamster shit smell...i pity the cows..they are still conscious when they get slashed with a parang..

PES10 is cun...Movies to watch that i should have watched a long time ago : crow zero 1 & 2 , red cliff...ofcoz got subs lah,as though i understand japanese or chinese...

Oh and i got this shit too, RM0.20 PLKN:920605-fu-ker! KUMP 1. KEM: KEM SENTOSA CHENDERIANG, PERAK. PKP: STADIUM SHAH ALAM (TEMPAT LETAK KERETA W1-W4). LAPOR: 02-JAN-2010

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