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Friday, September 24, 2010

Reality Rather Than Romance Should Be The Prime Factor In Choosing A Life Partner

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I hate assignments that are due on the very next day it is given.This is an example of one of these crappy ass assignments...especially when I ain't exactly feeling too good.Oh bloody hell,now I've gotta write a critical thinking report as well as create some accounting documents.
This is the one I did for English about 5 minutes ago,while listening to Tempest and Hold Your Colour by Pendulum.Ironic topic but hell,I ain't complaining as long as the bloody thesis statement and organizational pattern of the essay is correct.Another reason why I love free articles,You are not constricted to a certain format and this allows your creativity to unleash itself like a bloody lion in heat.( The sentence I just wrote is a clear example that I am sleepy as hell.)

A Dose of Fake Reality

 Reality Rather Than Romance Should Be The Prime Factor In Choosing A Life Partner
                Since the dawn of time, mankind has always made important decisions that are heavily influenced by emotions. One of these important decisions would be choosing a life partner. Some would say that we should choose our life partner based on personal advantage rather than the way we feel. I believe that romance or the way we feel should be the primary factor and reality or personal advantage should be the secondary factor in choosing a life partner.

            Love is a virtue representing all human kindness, compassion and affection. To ignore it would be blasphemous, especially in decisions related to relationships. It has been known in previous cases of various origins that love affects an individual’s determination in an extremely positive manner. For instance, a couple is studying in college and at the end of the year, the girl would be furthering her studies abroad as she has received a scholarship. This is indeed a dilemma as the idea of long-distance relationships has not exactly been widely successful but because of this unfortunate event, the boy will now be determined to work harder in his studies in order for him to receive the opportunity to further his studies abroad in the same country his girlfriend will be studying in. The love the boy has for the girl is so strong that he wishes to continue being with her and thus, he decides to improve himself in order for him to be with her. Some people require a psychological nudge to achieve their full potential and usually it is the love and emotions they have for another which allows them to obtain this determination which is required to be successful in their endeavors. This is indeed a very positive influence in our lives as love allows us to become better people and this further proves why we should allow romance to be the primary factor instead of reality.

            The foundation of a relationship must be based on trust, intimacy and love for it to last. To lack one of these factors would be disastrous to the lifespan of the relationship. If one was to choose realistic factors such as social status and financial status instead of trust, intimacy and love, then the relationship will surely fail. It would be naïve to believe that one who chooses a life partner based on financial and social status would receive the same level of happiness and peace of mind compared to one who chooses a life partner based on intimate feelings. A wealthy and beautiful life partner obviously has aesthetic value but it is a proven fact that it does not provide the happiness required for one to be complete and achieve the peace of mind required for one to lead a stress-free life. This is but another reason why romance should be the primary factor and not reality.

            Those who say that reality should be the primary factor in choosing a life partner instead of romance are usually pointing out the fact that choosing a life partner based on social and financial status would grant better social and financial security. This is a foolish concept as social and financial security is not necessarily guaranteed should you ignore romance in choosing a life partner. Mankind would never improve if no risks were taken and in respect to the topic of relationships, the risk is very small and can be considered as safe as the security that is said to be offered by choosing a life partner based on reality.

            The reasons stated in this article are very much in support of romance being the primary factor in a relationship and it is backed by psychological theories and facts that have been obtained from various sources and researches across the world. Lastly, I would like to reiterate my stand on this topic which is, romance should always be the prime factor in choosing a life partner instead of reality.

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