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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Chris Cornell - Scream ( Album Review )

Artist: Chris Cornell
Album Title : Scream
Producer : Timbaland
Label : Mosley Interscope
Release Date : 3rd February 2009
# Title
1. "Part of Me"
2. "Time"
3. "Sweet Revenge"
4. "Get Up"
5. "Ground Zero"
6. "Never Far Away"
7. "Take Me Alive"
8. "Long Gone (Featuring Timbaland)"
9. "Scream (Featuring Timbaland)"
10. "Enemy"
11. "Other Side of Town"
12. "Climbing Up the Walls"
13. "Watch Out"
14. "Two Drink Minimum (Hidden Track)"

I consider Chris Cornell to be one of the best rockers of the century...Timbaland is the best music producer.....

Downloaded it last night...

Listened to it today while playing Call of Duty 4...and it is actually good..compared to the idiotic comments on the torrent website...I actually like the songs and the arrangement of beats...

Tracks that stands out for me ( I could put all the songs actually...) :

Scream,Long Gone,Time,Ground Zero,Never Far Away,Enemy,Climbing up the Walls...

The Album is a mix of Rock Vocals and Beats(synthesized)....has a hint of blues in it as well....

For those of you living in a cave...Timbaland is....wait..You would have heard of timbaland's name even if you live in a cave...ahhahaah.....Chris Cornell is the lead singer of Audioslave...he has recently gone on a solo career....he was also an integral part of the legendary Soundgarden(my bad..always get confused with pearl jam,soundgarden and also a couple of other grunge,rock type of groups..)....his best known solo song is Can't Change Me....then he received greater recognition after the Casino Royale(James Bond) song titled...You Know My Name.....

i found a HATE COMIC on the web...admire the drawing and respect the opinion...but he even hates nickleback...now...which idiot hates nickleback..

Currently working on reviews for Never Back Down ( Movie + Soundtrack ) , Lil Wayne's grammy-winning album, Tha Carter II , Matt Pokora's 3rd album(ENGLISH) produced by Timbaland , MP3...and hopefully....in the future....The Script's self-titled album....Fallout Boy's Folie a Deux....


Anonymous said...

Umm... Chris Cornell was part of Soundgarden, not Pearl Jam. He worked with Eddie Vedder and most of Pearl Jam in Temple of the Dog, but was never part of Pearl Jam.

Dev said...

woops....sorry bout that......i usually mix up names of grunge bands....and yeah...temple of the dog was more of a project rather than a band..something like fort minor and mike shinoda...i did like hunger strike though..:P....

Anonymous said...

Chris Cornell is tight, I am digging this CD, I remember his fresh rendition of MJ's Billie Jean and loved it. Carry On wasnt the best CD but Scream definitely offer fresh perspective.

It has plenty of attitude, though Timbo uses familiar samples, Chris voice adds a freshness to them that lacked before. I listened to all the songs and cant wait until the CD hit the shelves. I will get mines early...rock on...or should I say R&B on...or POP on...whatever its hot.

Dev said...

haha..yea man....R&B on..with a hint of rock..:P