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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Battlefield : Bad Company 2

This game is effing awesome.Well,this is one of the contenders for FPS of the year.

The graphics are pretty lifelike,especially the rain and the blood splatter.

For the majority of the single player campaign, the player controls Private Preston Marlowe. Marlowe is part of a squad formerly representing a misfit company in a fictional United States Army battalion known as "Bad Company." Other members of the squad include technology expert Private Terrance Sweetwater, demolitions specialist Private George Haggard Jr., and squad leader Sergeant Samuel Redford. The squad, escaping with gold in the previous game but believed to be caught soon thereafter, now work for a special assignment for the Army in securing a dangerous weapon codenamed "Aurora."

The buildings just get epicly destroyed when a tank blasts it...unlike other games where a concrete building is indestructible...=P..

Yes,That is what a C4 can do to a building..don't believe Counter-Strike and their selective Explosion sizes..=P

As I said,the graphics are pretty lifelike.

Click the below links to watch gameplay videos of the singleplayer storyline(and a fail in knifing..=P)

>Battlefield : Bad Company 2 Gameplay Video

>Test : Gernade Launcher Delaying Tanks

>Test : BANZAI

>Test : Gernade Launching on The Building

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