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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Kfc Shrimp Stix

Kfc has decieved with sizes of food before but this is just plain bullshit...
The advertising exec in charge of this project must be a real asshole...
Last time,it was O.R burger...seriously WTF was that...I can eat a banana costing much less AND still feel more full...

Now its this stupid shrimp stix...in the pic,it looks bigger than the chicken drumstick..in reality,its the size of my thumb..FYI,i have thin,long fingers...
So,i bought the combo,which has 2 pieces of chicken,mash potato,coleslaw,2 shrimp stix..YES,2 LITTLE BISCUIT SIZED CRAP COATED WITH BREADCRUMBS..and NO BUN!!WTH?!!

Downloaded albums
1.shinedown - sound of madness
2.placebo - meds
3.kasabian - (forgot)
4.cranberries - best of cranberries

Liverpool 4-0 stoke
Manchester utd 0-1 burnley,HAHAHA...

Currently listening to British music..
- tinchy stryder
- n-dubz
- cascada (euro)
- agent-x

And also violin,cello covers of songs...

Im so deep in,

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