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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Where the beard at?

Mistakes while shaving caused me to have to shave EVERYTHING...but at least,it grows fast...i feel so naked..lol..

The Flood ,was better than The Fall of Reach..since there was plenty of land battles..ODST(orbital drop ship troopers) aka Helljumpers rocks...Cortana is probably the Master Chief's love interest..if she can get a physical body..
Reading - Halo : First Strike...so far its in space..covenant flagship to be exact..im not a big fan of space battles..

Kinda feeling different now..its like there are thousands of conflicting thoughts going on in my mind...heh,the good thing is..its actually improved my perception on people...im not jealous or judgemental,but i do notice im abit cocky..lanci la...and i also noticed im actually better than I think of myself...I call myself a gamer and a geek/nerd..
But im not...heh,i actually prefer being a geek,less problems...

I do know one thing,this im very sure..
I am one bloody lazy bugger...might just be the laziest person around...

These wounds will not heal,
Fear is how I will fall...

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