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Saturday, December 19, 2009

10,000 Fireflies Would Creep Me Out but I Still Love The Song

Owl City - Fireflies..yeah thats the only nice song they/he have/has..everything else is kinda like the song review below..nothing catchy..

Death By Sunrise - Let Down ...Chester's new band has a normal new song..theres nothing really outstanding about it...

Tokio Hotel - Automatic..its okayla...chorus not bad..heh..

Beyonce feat Lady Gaga - Videophone...wtf is this?no,seriously..wtf is this?...I think its supposed to be a song or someting..it sucks from lyrics to music..and in the epileptic video,Lady Gaga stars as an ugly cabaret dancer..

Jamie Cullum - Don't Stop The Music...its a cover of Rihanna's remix of M.J's song 'Don't Stop'...well,its kinda nice to listen too...

Disney Prostitute List :
1.Joe Jonas..

2.Nick Jonas..

3.the other Jonas which no one even remembers his name..

4.Miley Cyrus/Hannah Something..

5.Ashley Tisdale..

6.Selena Gomez..

7.the 1 from camp rock..De Vito or something..

8.Jennifer 'my naked pics keep ending up on the internet yet I keep taking em' Hudgens..

9.Zac 'Ashley Tisdale is More Succesful Than Me' Efron

This is not a complete list..im sure Disney will recruit more prostitutes..=D

Oh yea,Usher decided to get a prostitute of his own...Justin Bieber..

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