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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Yes Im the One and Only but Im Not the Only One

Parents was out practically the whole day..gaming whole day..

Dragon's Age : Origins finished downloading..DAMN THIS GAME IS NICE..15GB...6 different storylines,downloadable content,every decision you make affects your whole game..love it...
Played spec-op with ZY and Kel...John as usual sleeping..Max,no comment..this one..hopeless..help him out after TIUsday...


Going to download Timbaland's new album,Timbaland presents Shock Value II..the album is cun-ted..
There is even a vamp theme song..for twilight freaks..

Beyonce feat Lady Gaga - Video phone...WTF IS THIS?!?..it sounds like beating wet shit with dry shit..its total crapusic...and Gaga looks terribl in the music video..lyrics sucks ass too..

Lady Gaga feat Beyonce - Telephone...this is better but lyrics not that nice..but the beat is not bad..its part of my blog songs..

''When the cats come out,the bats come out to play,when the dawn is here,we goin be on our way''

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Anonymous said...

All cats are grey in the dark (in the night).