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Sunday, December 6, 2009

After Monday and Tuesday even the calender says W T F

PH came over..bro,thanks for the roast pork and choc..

One last exam on Tuesday,Chemisty...
Right after the exam,got erm..party and football...

So I wonder whats the plan for holidays...im thinking..

- Paintball.
- Roadtrip.
- Futsal.
- Movie.
- Gaming 24/7.
- Sleeping for a maximum of 4 hours every 2 days.

People Im guessing would make it for any of the above..
- Kel
- Ph
- Max
- Jon
- Jf
- Zy
- Vivi
- Jul
- Jin

Others would probably be reluctant...

Timbaland's album downloaded and listening to it now..right now its

Timbaland feat Miley Cyrus(Disney Prostitute #4) - We Belong To The Music

'Lets worry about today and put tomorrow in a bottle'

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