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Friday, December 11, 2009

You Mad At Me Cause I Dont Wanna Play Your Game,I Ain't Perfect But Im Gonna Do My Thing

Slept at 4.30am,woke up at 7.30am...PH came over..Kel picked us up at 8.30am..went to i.cafe..played CS..apparently they didn't crack CoD4...Max,Muhd,Bern didnt come...so still equal teams...
-cocky mode,I guess im still good in CS..-

Went to Tesco at 1pm..hang out till 3pm for swimming pool to open..Tesco has this large open space which is cun for futsal..we used a friggin small rubber ball,damn bouncy hahah..had lunch,USELESS Leng Chee Kang..no jelly and no lychee also haiz..ate 1901...=D..

At Swimming pool,this was freaking awesome...played games..though,I had a muscle pull early on thanks to Kajen and Prek..leg still feels wierd...had wrestling,mounted fighting,ice and fire,build human building,style diving competition..Kel won that...he did some kind of eggplant...i jumped and showed 2 middle fingers to everyone while in mid-air..hehehe..foooh,hot chick bods there..forgot her name..haha..=P..everyone was watching us..well ofcourse..wouldnt you when you see dudes standing on each other..and then another guy climbing to the third level..haha..later,diving also..the open-minded public laughing with us..no one was offended by my mid fingers..heh..
Or the millions of time we shouted foul words..hehe..

5.15pm,make our way to bus stop..11 guys walking..walk,walk,walk..felt like Lord Of The Rings..hahah...got on the bus..sleepy and rather cold...and now im back..heh
Played DAO.. YEASHH!!Morrigan got rumbled in the jungle..hehehe...now for the other chick..an Elven Assasin joined my party,HE is strong but HE is flirting with me..wierd..

Okay,Futsal and maybe Paintball up next..but a movie and yamcha is a must..

Time to sleep,considering the amount of times my body hit the water..Im not really feeling the aches I thought I would feel..hehe..

''We gotta meet in the middle,
We gotta compremise,
We gotta work it out this time,
We need to see eye to eye,
So lets meet in the middle.''

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