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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hasili Fisilye

These days there are alot of crappy comedies...but after a long time,there is finally..A GOOD COMEDY..its called 'The Hangover'..it is freaking hilarious...its about these 4 guys who go to Vegas for a bachelors party..3 of them wake up next morning having no memory of the night before and 1 of them is missing,the guy who is getting married the next day..

- Doug's father-in-law : 'What happens in Vegas,stays in Vegas..except Herpes..that shit comes back with you..'

Phil : the chappel,you know how to get there?

Doctor : well,it just so happens that i do..its at GO-FUCK-YOURSELF and BUY A MAP..

- Stu : 'You are literally too stupid to insult'

- Alan : 'he cheated me,i trusted him'

Stu : 'yea,you thought the drug dealer at the liquor store who sold you roofies is a nice guy..ARE YOU FUCKING RETARDED?!?'

-Schoolkid : Teacher,could yo...

Phil : outside the school,you're a nobody and you're invisible to me..

Phil : Doug,step on it..dont want anymore fucking nerds asking me questions..


Liverpool owned Manchester Utd..2-0..


Thinking of changing my blog name...wonder what name to choose..any ideas?

'Time is of the Essence,Whenever im in your Presence,
You're the Light that shines so Bright,Im the Tower that provides you Cover,'

Err,i forgot what i wrote and im lazy to find the book..lol..so il add something else..the song is nice,but the lyrics are questionable..haha
'i could dream of ways to see you,i could fantasize about you,but whenever im not with you,its so hard for me to see,i need to see a picture of you,a special picture just for me,so take a dirty picture for me'

Yea,he ruined the mood with the dirty picture part..hahaha..cun song..

End of a bloody long post that makes up for a week..heh..cest la vie..

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