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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Motherland Tea

Havent tasted it yet,but will do it tomorrow...:)...
Had to buy it when i saw the name..haha...come on,its tea from my motherland ,man!!

My mum doesnt really like ceylonese(but she ended up marrying one..lol)
This is how you can more or less differentiate a ceylonese from other indians..

1.dark skinned,very dark..(come on,its a bloody hot island)....I ACCEPT IT...NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT..:p

2.alot of pride,cocky/lanci,braggarts..(coz most of them are either rich or quite educated)...I MAY NOT BE IN THIS CATEGORY..:p

3.very fast to pick up a language..and when speaking a language,for example,english..they will speak quite fast..(they speak really good english and tamil)..I THINK I SKIPPED THE TAMIL PART...

4.they have long names,and they have the initials of their whole bloodline..for example,i write my name as,Devendra Jegatheeson...according to ceylonese naming,my name would be, N.S.K.J.Devendra ...
(Just find the guy with the long as name-tag)...I USE J.DEVENDRA BTW....

5.lastly,ceylonese men are very very very hairy....MANLY BEHBEH....

Daft punk alive 2007 concert rocks...Discovery is the best daft punk album...

Just checked my playlist,
Artists on My playlist,

-Daft Punk - Techno
-Taio Cruz - RnB
-Kanye West - Rap,RnB
-Emancipator - Techno
-Lady Gaga, - Pop
-The Bravery - Rock
-Damien Rice - Soft
-Limp Bizkit - Rock/Rap
-Clint Mansell - Score
-Metallica - Rock
-Korn - Rock
-Jay Chou - Rap
-Akon - RnB,Rap
-Daniel Merriweather - Soft,Blues
-Slipknot - Rock
-Rise Against - Punk Rock
-Chamillionaire - Rap
-Timbaland - RnB,Rap
-A.R Rahman - Score
-System of a Down - Rock
-The Puscifier - Goth,Rock
-Poetic Ammo - Rap
-Marilyn Manson - Goth,Rock
-Linkin Park & Styles of Beyond - Rock,Rap,Pop
-Pop Shuvvit - Rock,Rap
-Britney Spears - Pop
-Gorillaz - Rock,Rap
-Alien Ant Farm - Rock
-3Oh!3 - Electronica,Rap

Yea,I guess there is a bunch of unknowns..but as long as its good music..

It might not be the right time,
i might not be the right one,
but there is something about i want to say,
coz theres something between us anyway..

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